Speak out for Talent: Guy Halfteck, Knack

Sep 27, 2022 | Interviews

When it comes to cutting edge technology in the talent space Guy Halfteck, the CEO and Founder of Knack, is in the vanguard of the drive to create a truly inclusive approach to employment, where it is potential rather than credentials that determine employment and role suitability.

Guy Halfteck

Guy founded Knack in 2012 (read the fascinating founding story here). On the team he has Jeremy Gray, a former Yale University professor of cognitive psychology. He also works with Alvin Roth, a Nobel prize winner in economics and game theory.

Knack is advised by Thomas Kalil, who served in the White House under Presidents Obama and Clinton, helping design and launch national science and technology initiatives, and is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Schmidt Futures; and by Mark Howorth, formerly Senior Director of Global Recruiting at Bain & Company.

Guy Halfteck’s passion for a fully inclusive and unbiased approach to talent selection is based on a very personal experience. This interview, conducted by Caroline Brent, Senior Vice President at the Future Talent Council, exposes the fundamental changes impacting the talent market and presages potential impacts at all levels of society.


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