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Our ecosystem of leaders represents a dynamic, and action-oriented group of government officials, C-Suite executives from the world’s largest employers, and leaders of higher educational institutions


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We convene a cross section of collaborators by engaging the leaders of business, higher education, and policy to address specific focus areas into the future of talent and the future of education. These Deep Dive Think Tanks meet on a regular basis, form work groups, and develop actionable outcomes that impact the world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The members of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion group are determining the metrics and methods that will affect culture and belonging, generational diversity, support gender identity and expression, address unconscious bias, and more.

Workforce Planning

The Workforce Planning group has a lens on the concept of workforce planning including organizational design, business development, forecasting and assessment, recruitment and retention, productivity, growth, contracts, benefits, policy and worker's rights and more.

Curriculum Innovation

Members of the Curriculum Innovation group focus on higher education's biggest challenges including the post-COVID university, micro-credentials, EdTech developments, and more.

Future Skills

The group examining Future Skills is having an impact on the gig economy, youth initiatives, AI in the workplace, discovering the skills gap, and addressing Industry 4.0 through job redeisgn, upskilling, and reskilling.

Employer and Educator Relationships

The Employer/Educator Relationship group takes a deep dive into one of the most widely growing collaborations in the world and examines the success and pitfalls of work-integrated learning, corporate sponsored research, internships, and more.

Faculty and Staff Development

The Faculty and Staff Development group is charged with an examination of pedagogical issues, a view of organizational change, improving teaching for the next generation of students, mentorship and more.


Insights from the Future Talent Council editorial desk as well as our members and other experts.

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Predicting the future can, at times, be a simple extrapolation of current systems, products, and processes. However, the future can quickly change our...

Learner Empowerment Through Inclusive and Accessible Practices

Recent data indicates that a significant percentage of vulnerable students have been “lost” in the process of school closures over the past year,...

Building Successful University-Corporate Partnerships

Relationships between higher education and the corporate world have advanced, especially post-pandemic. At the University of Memphis, we have been for...