Future Talent Council and Minerva Project Announce Strategic Partnership

Mar 27, 2023 | Announcement

Media release, March 27, 2023

Global think tank, Future Talent Council, and higher education innovator Minerva Project, announce a strategic partnership leading up to the Future Talent Summit 2023, June 14-15 in Stockholm, Sweden


Future Talent Summit is the annual gathering of Future Talent Council’s +700 organizational members from the governmental, educational, and corporate sectors. Minerva Project is the thought leadership partner of the event’s track focused on education.

Future Talent Council and Minerva Project share a common goal of connecting more people from around the world with a quality education, durable skills, and the best possible job prospects, while disrupting and accelerating the current education environment.

Daniel Kjellsson

– I have followed the evolution of Minerva from a great front-row seat, and almost since its inception, says Daniel Kjellsson, Director-General of Future Talent Council. They have built an incredibly impactful platform of innovation and have done more than most to challenge the status quo, and support educational institutions in their transformation.

Together, Future Talent Council and Minerva Project will strive to challenge the thinking of higher-educational institutions around the world via thought-provoking discussions and panelson topics such as:

  • Are University Degrees Becoming Useless?
  • The War is for Talent, Not Credentials
  • A New Paradigm for Skills Development
  • Reinventing Universities (From the Ground Up)
  • What if We Were to Ban Lectures?

Ben Nelson

– Imagining a different future for higher education requires changing mindsets through thought-provoking dialogue, says Ben Nelson, Founder and CEO of Minerva Project, and Chancellor of Minerva University. Future Talent Summit brings together leaders from higher education and the corporate world seeking to explore unconventional futures, and we are delighted to partner with them.

Minerva Project is a pathbreaking educational innovator, designing and delivering exceptional programs with partners globally. Minerva Project is the strategic innovation partner both to institutions looking to create new, transformational programs as well as powering the launch of start-up universities. Partners include University of Miami, USC, Berkeley, Zayed University, Esade, KENTECH, and Universidad de la Libertad.


Future Talent Summit 2023 is hosted at Posthuset 7A in Stockholm, Sweden, June 14-15. For more information, visit futuretalentcouncil.org/stockholm.

For comments or interview requests, please contact summit@futuretalentcouncil.com



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