The Network


A global member organization bringing together employers, educators, and policymakers to reshape the future of work and education.

Often referred to as “the World Economic Forum for talent topics”, the objective is to help improve human capability and opportunity around the world by connecting leaders; while providing the latest, relevant insights and best practice strategies and solutions.

In 2022, 47 countries and 210 global employers were being represented.



Future Talent Council operate a global cross-sector ecosystem of top talent leaders.

During the annual Future Talent Summit, decision-makers from the world’s largest employers, most impactful educational institutions, and progressive governments gather.


Our Members are primarily from within the following roles:



  • CEO
  • CHRO/CHIEF People Officer
  • Chief L&D Officer
  • Global Head of Talent Acquisition
  • HR Director



  • President
  • Chancellor
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Provost
  • Dean
  • Vice President



  • Minister of Labor or Education
  • State Secretary
  • Secretary General
  • Chief L&D Officer
  • Head of National Investment Funds

The Country Distribution


Max limit of Members and Partner organizations globally in 2024


Roundtable events, Webinars, Summits and meeting opportunities per year


Max limit of Members and Partner organizations globally in 2024


Roundtable events, Webinars, Summits and meeting opportunities per year


Future Talent Council members access personalized activity calendars of in-person event opportunities, virtual roundtables, global working groups, data-collection, research and facilitated personal meetings.

Research & Insights

  • Insight Reports. Collaboration within the network, initiated by members on key subject areas.
  • Industry Pulse Surveys on trends, with individualized Benchmark Reports for each member.
  • FTC Research Center – curation of world´s best reports on the Future of Work and Education.

Events & Activities

  • 4 quarterly Roundtables/Councils (3h, 30p)
  • 2 Virtual Future Talent Summits
  • 3 Global Future Talent Summits (2 days)

Media & Community

  • Asynchronous Communities for sharing of news, insights and collaboration.
  • FTC Media with pods, videos, annual Magazine with yearly insights and awards.
  • Curated bi-weekly Newsletter with the most talent news and bests practice on HR and Education.

How Can You Get Involved?

All tools help invited Members to navigate in a more complex world; to make better strategic decisions, through actionable fresh insights while also building a global network of peers and experts.

Tier 1


1 Seat per Company

  • 1 Global Future Talent Summit Seat
  • 1 Council/Roundtable Membership Seat
  • 1 Benchmark Report
  • Full Access to monthly Research Insights

Tier 2


2 Seats per Company

  • 2 Global Future Talent Summit Seats
  • 2 Council/Roundtable Membership Seat
  • 1 Benchmark Report
  • Full access to monthly Research Insights
  • Full access to Community and FTC Media
  • Jury Member for the Future Awards

Tier 3


3 Seats per Company

  • 3 Global Future Talent Summit Seats
  • 3 Council/Roundtable Membership Seat
  • 1 Benchmark Report
  • Full access to all Research Insights
  • Jury Member for the Future Awards
  • Annual Advisory Board Meeting to plan for next year’s themes and research
  • Panel participation at FTS
  • Research & Insights Concierge

Digital Transformation, AI, and Changing Demographics

will impact talent in all the world’s largest organizations.

Strategies and policies need to be implemented

now to support the changes of tomorrow.


(Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, Chairman)

By becoming a member of Future Talent Council, you access a world-leading ecosystem of the most knowledgeable, influential, passionate, and determined leaders. You will strengthen your personal and your organization’s global network of change-makers, all working to pass on the legacy and the learnings from this generation onto the next, aiming to improve human opportunity and capability around the world.


Memberships are organizational and by nomination


A limited corporation governed under Swedish law, and the EU Transparency Act


Future Talent Council is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests


Globally distributed organization headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden


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