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Are you aiming to connect with an individual team member? Colleagues can be reached with the format: [email protected]

General enquiries are welcomed at [email protected] or via the email form on this page.  

Postal Address

Vasagatan 7A, 111 20, Stockholm, Sweden


Future Talent Council operates with a distributed organization headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Satellite presences in Istanbul (Turkey), Florence (Italy), Rome (Italy), Singapore (Singapore), New York (U.S), and Johannesburg (South Africa).


Future Talent Council are always onboarding new colleagues. Communicate your interest to [email protected]

Email Policy

Future Talent Council distributes the weekly “Talent Weekly” newsletter, research and ecosystem updates, as well as facilitated introductions between members and nominated external connections. The organization operates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and if you would like to remove your data, please email [email protected]


Can I receive the ‘Talent Weekly’ newsletter? 

Talent Weekly is Future Talent Council’s executive briefing on the world news on talent, education, and work. Distributed every Friday. Subscribe via the form in the footer of this page, or on this link.    

Who nominated me for membership?

New members are nominated by either existing members or the Nomination Board of Future Talent Council. Nominations are based on an estimated ability to add tangible value to existing implementation projects, research focus areas and collaborative dialogues. 

Can I connect with your administrative office?

Future Talent Council’s Head of Administration is Carla Larsen and she can be reached at [email protected]

Can I get an introduction to Future Talent Council?

Future Talent Council offer general introductory sessions about the Council’s work, ecosystem and ongoing impact projects around the world. Request an introductory presentation via [email protected]

How do I become a member?

Future Talent Council memberships are by invitation. If you have questions about membership or the nomination process, connect with the operational team and [email protected]

Do you have a media center?

The Future Talent Council brand is a registered trademark and we make our brand book and logotype files available at request. Interview requests in the regards to the Council’s work are referred to [email protected].    


Memberships are organizational and by nomination


A limited corporation governed under Swedish law, and the EU Transparency Act


Future Talent Council is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests


Globally distributed organization headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden


Talent Weekly

Get our executive briefing on the world news on talent, education, and work