What Will Impact the World

Future Talent Summit is the foremost global gathering of leaders dedicated to improve the human talent opportunity and capability. What is being said, listened to, discussed and worked on during the Future Talent Summit has got an impact on the world.

Time and focus invested is expected to result in actionable strategic documents, policy frameworks, tangible insights and a valuable network. A more detailed agenda and expectation sheet will be mailed to confirmed attendees.

Day 1: June 18

  • Kevin Kelly on Future of Talent
  • Patty McCord: Rethink Work
  • Frank J. Dooley: Rethink Learning
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Day 2: June 19

  • Dimitri Boylan: Future Talent Strategy
  • The Real Tech Revolution
  • Lifelong Learning: Yale University
  • A View From the Top
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An Impactful Agenda

The Future Talent Summit agenda is designed to be the decision maker’s guide to the most impactful technologies of tomorrow, the most pressing policy issues on the horizon and the future frameworks of successful employers, educational providers and societies alike.

Future Talent Summit is designed to offer amplified value by combining top level strategic insights from world-leading experts – and peer-to-peer learning and development. During our strategic sessions acclaimed panelists put technologies, theories and data sets to work while also encouraging your input.

Tuesday, June 18

Patty McCord: Rethink Work

Patty McCord spent 14 years at Netflix experimenting with new ways to work. Making the Netflix culture deck become a reality for the people who work there.

From abolishing performance reviews to challenging the need for policies, she brings Silicon Valley concepts of innovation and applies them to rethinking the way we work.

Session objective | Opening the Future Talent Summit’s innovation track, Patty McCord will open the discussion in regards to what HR leadership is – and is not – in our time.

The session will be followed by a Q&A dialogue facilitated by Sarah Green Carmichael, Managing Editor, Ideas at Barron’s

Kevin Kelly: Future of Talent

Kevin Kelly’s latest book The Inevitable – Understanding 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future is a best seller on most global markets. As these technologies, artificial intelligence being the most outed one, are poised to disrupt the world of work as we know it – what will your future company, job and talent look like?

Session objective | Go beyond the widely accessible “infotainment” format and rather dissect technological advancements pragmatically; what is expected and on what timeline? What are the strategic steps proposed today? What operational tactics and structures will distinguish growth from decline over the coming years?

The session will be followed by a Q&A dialogue facilitated by Ania G. Wieckowski Executive Editor of Harvard Business Review

A Future With AI and Robotics

In this panel we are discussing whether we, in the prospect of a future with AI and robotics, risk preparing talent for a working world that will not exist.

Moderator: Dr. Emanuel Contomanolis, Senior Associate Vice President, Northeastern University

  • Dr. Gilbert Linne, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Kimep University (Kazakhstan)
  • Dr. Colin Potts, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Georgia Tech (U.S)
  • Dr. Thanassis Rikakis. Founding Chair, Calhoun Honors Discovery Program and Center for Higher Education Innovation, Virginia Tech (U.S)
  • H.E. Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Portugal)
  • Ms. Joanna Daly, Global Vice President of Talent, IBM
Rethinking Education

Purdue University, with its phenomenal reputation, is pushing forward as if the institution had nothing to lose. Admirable, ambitious and wildly debated.

In this exclusive keynote, Dr. Frank J. Dooley, Senior Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Purdue University, will walk us through the Kaplan acquisition.

Introduced by Tim Luzader, Director, Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities

Future-proof me, Professor!

How Can Governments, Employers and Universities Collaborate to Ensure That Talent is Taught What Industry Needs?

  • Mr Nicolas Schmit, 9-year Minister of Labor and Education, Luxembourg
  • Ms. Célia Reis, CEO, Altran Portugal
  • Mr. Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts, President, AGRH. Professor Emeritus, HEC Paris
  • Ms. Amanda Vaughan, Global CHRO, AXA
Can We Lean On Lawmakers?

In this panel we meet the Ministers and policymakers. What talent legislation is needed for the future? What future job market do they envision? From a policy perspective, what role can educators and corporations play in supporting the creation of future talent policies?

  • Moderator: George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson
  • Anne Brigitte Albrectsen, CEO, Plan International
  • Halldora Morgensen, Member of Parliment, Iceland
  • Amuerfina Reyes, Labour Attache, Embassy of the Philippines in the UK
  • Alsharifeh Noor Bint Ali, Digital Tech Diplomat, Embassy of Jordan
2030 CHRO timebomb

HR is evolving into the new corporate innovation hub. Talent technologies, strategies and priorities are in leadership’s focus and drive decisions of the business of tomorrow. How can, will and must talent leadership itself develop alongside this?

Moderator: Caroline Brent, Senior Vice President, Future Talent Council

  • Mr. Yoshiharu Matsui, President, HPO Creation & Chief Community Officer, The Japan HR Society
  • Ms. Temi Dalley, CHRO Sterling Bank
  • Mr. John Nolan, Group HR Director, Jardine Matheson
  • Mr. Phil Read, Group Human Resources Officer at Tetra Laval International
Rebuilding Talent Development

In a rapidly changing global workplace, educational institutions are examining the need to rebuild talent development of today, from the foundations up.

What does the future learner look like? What do we know, and believe, about the future job market’s requirements?

  • Mr. Sharan Singh (Moderator and Panelist), Managing Director Minerva Project
  • Prof. Joao Castro, Director of the Digital Experience Lab, Nova School of Business and Economics (Portugal)
  • Prof. Adam Shoemaker, Vice Chancellor, Southern Cross University (Australia)
Future of Talent Gala Dinner

On the evening of June 18, Future Talent Council and Capp welcome you to the annual Future of Talent Gala Dinner.

In the iconic Walkie Talkie Building we find London’s highest public garden; Sky Garden.

Throughout the evening we will access over 12 years of data, case studies, insights and comprehensive understanding of how to measure people’s potential for success.

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Wednesday, June 19

Future Talent Strategy

Over 650 companies are transforming their recruiting practices using the Avature Platform. Among them are 110 of the Fortune 500, 26 of the FTSE 100, and numerous government entities.

Founder and CEO Dimitri Boylan joins the Future of Talent Summit to tell his personal story and what he has learned from working with some of the largest companies in the world as they take on digital transformation.

In particular, Dimitri will draw comparisons between HR and its HR Transformation challenges and how software companies manage technical innovation and disrupting forces.

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A View From The Top

Panel featuring the most senior leaders from higher education.

The conversation will focus on the issues these leaders, and learners everywhere, face as we anticipate global workforce disruption due to artificial intelligence, globalization and  automation.

Moderator: Doreen Amorosa, Assistant Dean, Georgetown University

  • Dr. Maurizio Fermeglia, Rector, University of Trieste
  • Dr. Aidan Byrne, Provost, University of Queensland
  • Dr. Christine Ennew, Provost, University of Warwick
  • Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur, President of the University of Waterloo
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The Real Tech Revolution

How can AI and Machine Learning help eliminate bias’ and enable next-generation inclusive organizations?

This corporate panel aim to turn the often dystopian look upon technological innovation and look at the bright side. For the first time in human history, technology might be able to create the corporations we really want, for us.

Moderator: Claudia Tattanelli, Chairman Strategic Board, Universum Global

  • Ms. Catalina Schveninger, Global Head of Learning, Vodafone Group
  • Mr. Dan Black, Global Recruiting Leader, EY
  • Ms. Faye Woodhead
    Director, Human Resources, Deutsche Bank
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Lifelong Learning: Redefining the Career

Recent reports indicate that the value of the skills acquired through a degree program is significantly diminished as jobs evolve.

Join academic leaders from around the globe as they discuss the importance of continuous education in preparing our graduates for roles that may not even exist today. Explore how for decades universities have offered continuous education programs and how they are now evolving to address the future of work.

Moderator: Ms. Jeanine Dames, Director, Office of Career Strategy at Yale University and Associate Dean of Yale College

  • Dr. Andrew Gaudes, Dean of the Goodman School of Business at Brock University
  • Dr. Charles Iacovou, Dean, Wake Forest School of Business at Wake Forest University
  • Dr. Mukul Kumar, Chief Innovation Officer and Professor, Hult International Business School
  • Dr. Carl Zeithaml, Dean of McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia
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Future Talent Summit 2019

London, June 18-19
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