Embark on an exploration of AI’s multifaceted influence on our shared future. In this journey, we uncover the intricate interplay of regulation, innovation, and ethical AI practices. This includes addressing biases embedded within algorithms and systems, striving for fairness and equity in decision-making processes. Furthermore, we navigate the intricate terrain of information management, cultivating trust and reliability in our evolving digital ecosystem. Join us in shaping a path toward a future where AI serves to enhance, rather than detract from, the social fabric. Together, let’s ensure that AI contributes positively to society, fostering inclusion, empowerment, and ethical progress.

& Panelists

Dragos Tudorache
Group MEP & Vice-President
Renew Europe
Jacob Ward
Science & Technology Journalist
National Television Networks
Karine Perset
Head of OECD AI Policy Observatory

Tyler Cowen

Economist, Columnist, Professor
George Mason University

Nick Bostrom

Founding Director, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University

Dr. Rana El Kaliouby

Machine Learning Scientist, Deputy CEO
Smart Eye

Nicklas Lundblad

Writer, Researcher, Public Policy Expert
Google, Stripe, DeepMind

Max Tegmark

Physicist, Researcher, Author

Cassie Kozyrkov
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Data Scientific
Yuval Noah Harari

Historian, Philosopher, Bestselling Author “Sapiens”

Vivienne Ming
Theoretical Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur
Socos Labs
Erik Brynjolfsson

Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab Stanford University

What to Expect From This Vertical
Stay Ahead of the Curve
Gain the necessary knowledge to confidently make decisions about tomorrow that adapt to the new AI-driven world.
Influence AI’s Future
Actively participate in shaping AI policies and societal impacts, contributing to the future direction of technology.
Expand your network
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Balance Regulation with Innovation
Explore the delicate equilibrium between regulation and innovation in the realm of AI. Discover strategies that promote ethical AI use without hindering technological progress.
Unfair by Design – Addressing AI Bias
Uncover methodologies for rectifying biases embedded within AI algorithms and systems. Delve into leading strategies to ensure fairness and equity in AI-driven decision-making processes.
The Truth and Our Worldview?
Navigate the evolving landscape of truth and information in an AI-driven world. Examine methods for discerning trustworthy information amidst the proliferation of data. Engage in discussions aimed at establishing frameworks for collective trust in AI while mitigating the risks of misinformation and manipulation.

The 2-day summit agenda has been developed in conjunction with Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor at Large for Fortune Magazine, also covering and moderating is: Business Insider, WSJ, Insider Inc, Fast Company, and the Financial Times. The agenda is designed to cover overarching global megatrends, but also go deep into the challenges, and opportunities on each delegate’s desk right now.

June 18 – Breakfast Session


Registration and Breakfast Networking Session


Welcome address

Daniel Kjellsson & Chloe Tattanelli, Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, Future Talent Council

Opening of the Future Talent Summit

Mats Persson, Minister of Education, Sweden


Opening Keynote

The Future of Talent

Yuval Noah Harari, Historian, Philosopher, Bestselling Author “Sapiens”

Fireside Chat with Nicklas Lundblad from Google Deepmind
Talent & Leadership in the Age of AI

Carl-Henrik SvanbergFormer Chairman Ericsson, Volvo and British Petroleum
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO Klarna
Mats Persson, Minister of Education
Anders BorgFormer minister of Finance Minister of Education
Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova

2 additional secret panelists to be announced.


Geoff Colvin, Editor at Large, Fortune Magazine

June 18 – Morning Session



Decision-Making in the AI Age: Why AI Needs Us All to be Better Decision-Makers

Cassie Kozyrkov, former Chief Decision Scientist, Google

How will the art of decision-makers be different in business in the coming 3 years?

Amit Rawal, Head of Product – AI/ ML Decision Science and Analytics, Apple
Robert Blumofe, CTO Akamai
Joelle Pineau, VP AI Research, Meta



Regulation trends in Different Parts of the World

Dragos Tudorache, MEP,Rapporteur of the AI Act
Karine Perset, Head of AI Observatory, OECD
Matt Rodda, Member of UK Parliament and Shadow Minister of AI and IP

June 18 – Afternoon Session
Humans Decoded
Rana El Kayoubi, Machine Learning Scientist,
Deputy CEO, Smart Eye
Virginia Dignum, Professor of AI and Society
Nicklas Lundblad, Google Deepmind
Breaking Barriers & Driving Impact with AI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Future
Heidi Robertson, Group Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, ABB

Valerie Capers Workman, Chief Talent Engagement Officer, Handshake
Monroe France, Vice Provost for Institutional Inclusive Excellence, Tufts University
Mellener Coelho, Senior Vice president Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Northern Trust

Fireside Chat (virtual)
Human-computer symbiosis
What is our new role, meaning and identity?
Prof Max Tegmark, Author, MIT and Future of Life Institute 

Sara Öhrwall, Digital Strategist and Board Professional

June 19 – Breakfast Session
08:00 – 08:50
Registration and Breakfast Networking Session
08:50 – 09:00
Welcome back

Daniel Kjellsson & Chloe Tattanelli, Future Talent Council

09:00 – 09:50


The Value of Talent

Prof Tyler Cohen, Economist and Author

The Truth and Our Worldview

Jacob Ward, Science & Technology Journalist
National Television Networks


Agnes Stenbom, Head of IN/LAB at Schibsted
André Assarsson, Government Manager at Meta



How to build a better Government and Society With AI

Robyn Scott, Apolitico Foundation


Andrea Marino, Co-founder and CEO, Nova Talent
Anand Chopra MacGowan, General Manager Emeritus Europe
Dragos Tudorache, MEP, Rapporteur of the AI Act

June 19 – Afternoon Session
13:00 – 13:30
Reinventing Human Potential: Ethical AI and the New Educational Paradigm

Vivienne Ming, Theoretical Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur Socos Labs

Three Perspectives on the Future of Our World

Daniel Susskind, Research Professor, Oxford University, Author of A World Without Work
Sara Öhrval, Digital Strategist and Board Professional 

14:30 – 15:00

BeeHive Conversations

Develop Guiding Principles for sustainable implementation of AI

15:00 – 15:00
Fireside Chat

How to use AI to gain a competitive advantage

Hans Vestberg, CEO and Chairman, Verizon


Geoff Colvin, Fortune

June 19 – Evening Session


The Future of Work and Education in a world of AI?
How will it all change – and how can governments, workplaces, leaders and individuals prepare?
Speakers to be announced
Closing Keynote
Navigating the Digital Divide: Talent Development and AI in the Next Economy

Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor, Writer,Stanford University


Thank You

Daniel Kjellsson & Chloe Tattanelli, Future Talent Council

Mingel, Drinks, Post Networking

The Most Significant AI Conference of 2024

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