A One-of-A Kind Stockholm Experience

As you prepare your trip to Stockholm and immerse yourself in the Future Talent Summit, we invite you to explore Stockholm and embrace the city’s innovative spirit, historical richness and lush nature.

Location: Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Sweden
Date: June 18-19, 2024

Welcome to Stockholm, the vibrant Heart of Scandinavia, where history, innovation, and natural beauty intertwine. As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is sprawling across 14 islands, each with its unique character. From the city’s medieval roots in the Old Town to its position as a global leader in technology, sustainability, and social equality. Stockholm is a place to explore its stunning archipelago, indulge in its rich cultural tapestry, and engage with the innovative spirit that permeates through every cobblestone and corner.


Stockholm Archipelago

Enjoy your summer experience by boarding one of many boats taking you to Stockholm’s enchanting archipelago consisting of thousands of lush islands – all with their unique settlements, restaurants and nature.

The Old Town
Wander through the historic alleys of the Old Town, where the Royal Palace, Nobel Prize Museum, and the Swedish Parliament House stand as testaments to Sweden’s rich heritage and architectural grandeur.

Swedish Midsummer

Midsummer is an old norse celebration of endless daylight and prosperity – a celebration rooted in tradition and filled with festivities that capture the essence of Swedish and Nordic culture. On the 20th of June, Midsummer brings together flower wreaths, folk dances, and the joy of the summer all over Sweden.

Stockholm’s History

Explore Stockholm’s past and present through its museums – from maritime wonders at the Vasa Museum to the pop sensation ABBA at the ABBA museum, and the elegance of the Hallwylska Museum.

The Avicii Experience is also a unique activity, a tribute exhibition to one of the true icons of modern popular culture, Tim ‘Avicii’ Bergling known worlwide.

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The Swedish Cuisine

The Swedish cuisine is a delightful exploration of flavors, emphasizing fresh ingredients, seafood, and traditional dishes like meatballs and pickled herring. In Stockholm, restaurants like “Tradition” and “Pelikan” stand out for their offering of authentic Swedish culinary experiences that capture the essence of the local dining culture.

The Most Significant AI Conference of 2024

How will Artificial Intelligence impact the future of Society, Business, Education and Work & HR and how can we prepare for this paradigm shift?

June 18-19, 2024
Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

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