Some might say the world needs its educational institutions more, and less, than ever. Others might say that educators can either lead through this transformation – or be led out of it. Technology is shortening the lifespan of skills in the marketplace, turning the traditional meaning of the term “career outcomes” on its head – all while offering new methods, formats, and platforms, from which to learn.

Meanwhile, there has never been a more dire need for more adaptable, responsible, human-centric generations of global citizens. This marks a pivotal moment for the educational sector to reinvent itself and be the bedrock of a curious, prosperous society for all.

& Panelists
Geoffrey Rodgers

Pro Vice-Chancellor Enterprise & Employment,
Brunel University

Sarah DeMark
Vice Provost, Workforce Intelligence, Western Governors University
Tahsin Alam
Associate Dean of Advancement, University of Washington – Michael G. Foster School of Business
Monroe France
Vice Provost for Institutional Inclusive Excellence, Tufts University

Baishakhi Taylor

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, NYU Abu Dhabi
Christine McGuire
Vice President & Associate Provost, Boston University
Laura Stark
Director of Graduate Career Services, Harvard University

Ben Nelson

Founder & Chancellor, Chairman and CEO, Minerva University

Sean O. Ferguson

Vice President of Strategy & Innovation,
Bentley University

Katarina Léger

Market Director, IMD Business School

Steven L. Liss

Vice-President and Professor, Research and Innovation, Toronto Metropolitan University

Sven Winterhalder

Head of Strategic Advancement Office, Chief Strategy Officer, Munich University of Applied Sciences

What to Expect From This Vertical

Gain Cross-Sector Insights

Collaboration, discussion, and insights from the best peers from around the world, as well as from key cross-sector representatives. Future Talent Summit is where senior leadership from the educational, corporate, and governmental sectors convene

Expand Your Global Network
Access an unparalleled ecosystem of the most ambitious fellow talent leaders, all dedicated to help improve human capabilities, and opportunities around the world.
Influence the Development of AI in Education
During Future Talent Summit 2024, some of the world’s most influential AI visionaries, scientists and decision-makers gather to connect with, and learn from, the educational institutions set to implement, be affected by, and evolve on top of these new technological solutions
Partnerships & Business Opportunities
Future Talent Summit is renowned for its ability to enable new global connections, opportunities, and partnership dialogues. The event has become a platform for global expansion


New (and Old) Universities Reinventing Education in the 21st Century
This discussion will explore how newly formed colleges, alongside innovative icons, are reshaping global higher education. We’ll delve into their aspirations to enhance accessibility, adaptability, and relevance to contemporary students and the 21st-century economy.
AI in the Wild: The Power of Prompting
Future Talent Council members, including Altruistic, New York University, Bentley University, BCG, and others, ran pilot programs over 12 months testing productivity gains with staff and students augmented by Generative AI. This research provides fresh insights into AI’s impact on workers and work today, offering comprehensive data from cutting-edge pilot programs and case studies.
Industry & Academia Partnerships: Why Cooperation Has Never Mattered More
In today’s evolving landscape, the bond between employers and educators is critical. As technology advances and job demands shift, breaking traditional silos is vital for student success. Employers witness workforce changes, educators prepare a future-ready talent pipeline, emphasizing sector integration.
AI’s Impact on the Value of Our Skills & the Future of Our Jobs

Gain foresight into the future of work as we uncover the skills requirements that will drive successful career outcomes in the AI-powered economy of tomorrow. In this session we are officially releasing the latest PwC study on AI’s impact on jobs globally 2023-2024.

The Next Generation University Students
Delve into the latest research and trends shaping the preferred university experience for Gen Z and beyond. Collaboratively, we discover firsthand what drives the next generation, from personalized learning approaches to innovative career development initiatives.

We aim to uncover key insights into their motivations, values, and vision for what higher education should give, and mean to them.


The 2-day summit agenda has been developed in conjunction with Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor at Large for Fortune Magazine, also covering and moderating is: Business Insider, WSJ, Insider Inc, Fast Company, and the Financial Times. The agenda is designed to cover overarching global megatrends, but also go deep into the challenges, and opportunities on each delegate’s desk right now.

June 18 – Breakfast Session


Registration and Breakfast Networking Session


Welcome address

Daniel Kjellsson & Chloe Tattanelli, Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, Future Talent Council

Opening of the Future Talent Summit

Mats Persson, Minister of Education, Sweden


Opening Keynote

The Future of Talent

Yuval Noah Harari, Historian, Philosopher, Bestselling Author “Sapiens”

Fireside Chat with Nicklas Lundblad from Google Deepmind
Talent & Leadership in the Age of AI

Carl-Henrik SvanbergFormer Chairman Ericsson, Volvo and British Petroleum
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO Klarna
Mats Persson, Minister of Education
Anders BorgFormer minister of Finance Minister of Education
Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova

2 additional secret panelists to be announced.


Geoff Colvin, Editor at Large, Fortune Magazine

June 18 – Morning Session



Power to the People. Talent Markets & Strategies in the age of AI

Dan Black, Global Lead, Talent Attraction & Acquisition at EY


Dan Black, Global Leader, Talent Attraction & Acquisition, EY
Sarah DeMark, Vice-Provost, Western Governors University
Greg Muccio, Managing Director, Southwest Airlines
Laura L. Stark, Director of Graduate Career Services, Harvard University
Anabel Fall, CPO Zuhlke Group
Virginia Tirado, People & Talent Director, Flutter




Universities or Unicorn Factories?
Rethinking the model for high-risk, high-reward investments in innovation, and university business incubators.

Ali Amin, Founder UBI Global
Jan Bekránek, Founder Fifth Row
Robert Maguire, CEO, Altruistic AI
Dirk Werth, Managing & Scientific Director, AWS-Institut

June 18 – Afternoon Session
AI in the Wild: The Power of Prompting & Human + AI Augmentation

Nancy Gleason, Director, NYU Abu Dhabi
Danielle Solar, Program Director, Bentley University
Grant Weinberg, VP of Talent Acquisition & HR Operations, Eikon Therapeutics
Jessica Hanan, Generative AI Specialist, Altruistic



Why Cooperation Has Never Mattered More
Innovation in
Industry & Academia Partnerships

Tahsin Alam, Asst. Dean of Advancement at University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business
Katarina Léger, Market Director, IMD
Sharan Singh, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Minerva Project

Decoding the Employee Engagement Dilemma:
Candid Conversations on Evolving Employer Strategies to Drive Advocacy and Engagement at Every Touchpoint

Kristina Broumand, Chief Legal & People Officer, Zappos
Fabiana Rizzi, Group Talent Acquisition, Development, Culture, DEI, Nexi
Monica Magri, Chief People Officer, Fedrigoni
Anna Gullstrand, Chief People Officer, Mentimeter

June 19 – Breakfast Session
08:00 – 08:50
Registration and Breakfast Networking Session
08:50 – 09:00
Welcome back

Daniel Kjellsson & Chloe Tattanelli, Future Talent Council

09:00 – 09:50


The Value of Talent

Prof Tyler Cohen, Economist and Author

Building Futures & Achieving Dreams
The New Career Outcomes for Early Talent

Ceri Willmott, Director of Careers Consulting & Professional Development, Imperial College
Sarah DeMark, Vice Provost, Workforce Intelligence & Credential Integrity, Western Governors University
Geoffrey Rodgers,
Pro Vice-Chancellor Enterprise and Employment, Brunel University
Valerie Capers Workman,
Chief Talent Engagement Officer, Handshake



A New Era for
Experiential Learning
The AI revolution is advancing work-based-learning for millions of employees and with significant impacts for employers

Jeremy McQuigge, Secretary-General, CAWBL
Cara Krezek, Chief Purpose Officer, The Talent Strategy Collective

June 19 – Afternoon Session
13:00 – 13:30
Reinventing Human Potential: Ethical AI and the New Educational Paradigm

Vivienne Ming, Theoretical Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur Socos Labs

AI:s Impact on the Value of Our Skills
& the Future of Our Jobs

James Morris, Global Head of Advocacy, PwC


Karine Perset, Head of AI Observatory, OECD
Jessica Hanan, Generative AI Specialist, Altruistic AI

14:30 – 15:00

BeeHive Conversations

Develop Guiding Principles for sustainable implementation of AI

15:00 – 15:00
Fireside Chat

How to use AI to gain a competitive advantage

Hans Vestberg, CEO and Chairman, Verizon


Geoff Colvin, Fortune

June 19 – Evening Session


The Future of Work and Education in a world of AI?
How will it all change – and how can governments, workplaces, leaders and individuals prepare?
Speakers to be announced
Closing Keynote
Navigating the Digital Divide: Talent Development and AI in the Next Economy

Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor, Writer,Stanford University


Thank You

Daniel Kjellsson & Chloe Tattanelli, Future Talent Council

Mingel, Drinks, Post Networking

The Most Significant AI Conference of 2024

How will Artificial Intelligence impact the future of Society, Business, Education and Work & HR and how can we prepare for this paradigm shift?

June 18-19, 2024
Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

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