Future Talent Summit is an annual gathering of policymakers, university leaders and senior corporate executives for a 2-day invitation-only event


Governmental, educational and industry leaders shaping global, cross-industry and cross-sector alliances for the future


+50 countries participating from all corners of the world, adding a diverse set of perspectives, insights and connections


An action-oriented setting. Roundtables, working groups and facilitated one-to-one's ensures tangible outcomes


Participants are connected with executive planners pre-event. Enabling tailored agendas and personal meeting schedules

Virtual Event

Future Talent Council 2022 and its international members and partners offer a multi-layered virtual conference experience

Talks, roundtables, workshops, facilitated networking events, and 1-on-1 introductions – all hosted on one central platform. Attendees also access a post-event content repository featuring all conference content on-demand



+400 members from the Future Talent Council ecosystem are participating in Summit. The below is a randomized selection of brilliant thinkers, operators and leaders

David Adams

Chief Innovation Officer, University of Cincinnati. CEO University, Cincinnati Research Institute (U.S)

Phil Read

Group Human Resources Officer, Tetra Laval International (CH)

Jo Ritzen

Longest-serving Minister of Education in the EU (BE)

Nimai Swaroop

Global Director - Employer Branding & Entrepreneur Leadership Model, Philip Morris International (U.K)

Latifah Daud

Executive Director - Strategic Human Capital Management, Sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia (MY)

Laura Tucker

Senior Global Talent Acquisition Lead, Oceaneering (U.S)



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