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Future Talent Council is a global strategy group focused on understanding and influencing the future of talent and work. We engage the foremost educational, political and business leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

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General intro to our Deep Dive Think Tanks

Deep Dive Think Tanks are a vital part of the Future Talent Council ecosystem, and research investment methodology. Deep Dive Think Tanks are specialized units and working groups of thought-leading global talent professionals, all individually nominated for participation via an assessment process based on specialized skill, experience, knowledge, and ambition.

The inherent attributes of a Future Talent Council Deep Dive Think Tanks is a global perspective, strategic outlook, and cross-sector approach. The ultimate objective of Future Talent Council is to help improve human opportunity and capability around the world.

Shape Being a part of a Global Deep Dive Think Tanks entails being a global spokesperson for the future direction of the industry, and an advocate for its evolution into the next decade and beyond.
Daniel Kjellsson

Daniel Kjellsson

Managing Director, Future Talent Council