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What We Do

Our mission is to help improve human capability and opportunity around the world. We do that by providing our members with actionable insights, unfiltered advice, and global connections to the most relevant colleagues, and data.

Global Exchange

Future Talent Council conducts a global exchange among leaders dedicated to impact the future of work and education

Now more than ever organizations have the opportunity to make a lasting societal difference for generations to come by fully committing and adopting inclusive talent acquisition and management practices.

Nicky Garcea

Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer


Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards are a vital part of the Future Talent Council ecosystem, and research investment methodology. Advisory Boards are specialized units and working groups of thought-leading global talent professionals, all individually nominated for participation via an assessment process based on specialized skill, experience, knowledge, and ambition.

The inherent attributes of a Future Talent Council Advisory Board is a global perspective, strategic outlook, and cross-sector approach. The ultimate objective of Future Talent Council is to help improve human opportunity and capability around the world.

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