The next 10 years will see the world continue to change dramatically with continually shortening change cycle times. The impact on the world of talent in terms of the required speed to adapt is profound. The Future Talent Council is dedicated to investigating the impacts to the world of talent, focusing on 8 themes,read more about these in our research section, we look at each theme from the perspective of employers, talent, policy-makers and educators.


Global business will have changed dramatically by 2030, and along with it the talent landscape. To forecast what these changes will be and the implications for employers, educators, and policymakers, Future Talent Council conducts interviews and surveys with executives, thought leaders, educators, and senior managers. The insights gathered from these activities shape our thinking about the future of talent and inform our conversations with global business leaders. And more importantly, these insights help employers, educators, and policymakers understand the strategic implications these changes will have on their future workplaces.
Deb Cohen, Ph.D. Reserach Lead at Future Talent Council
Deb Cohen


Our Research Focus

The main focus for our research includes the following 8 themes. We look at each theme from the perspective of employers, talent, policy-makers and educators:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation
  2. Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  3. Diversity/Employing and Empowering Marginalised Populations
  4. Ethics, Transparency and Sustainability
  5. Flexibility and Work-Life Integration
  6. Global Talent Workforce
  7. Leadership
  8. Lifelong Learning

Explore these themes in further detail in each respective section, outlined in the menu above.