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Jessica Riddell


Executive Director

The Maple League of Universities

Shape I believe that major trends – emerging technology, increasing internationalization, and shifting job sectors – are exciting if institutions have a clear guiding vision about higher education.
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Dr. Jessica Riddell is a Full Professor of Early Modern Literature in the English Department at Bishop’s University (Quebec, Canada), specializing in early modern dramatic and non-dramatic literature.

She holds the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence at Bishop’s University; in this capacity, she explores innovative teaching and learning practices, creates mentorship opportunities for students and faculty, and participates in a wide range of consultations at the national and international levels.

Dr. Riddell is also the Executive Director of the Maple League of Universities, a consortium of four universities – Bishop’s, Mount Allison, Acadia, and St. Francis Xavier – that share a focused commitment to quality undergraduate experience. Dr. Riddell works closely with university presidents across Canada on local and national initiatives to enhance undergraduate student experiences, including on issues of funding, domestic student mobility, undergraduate research, but also on defining and advocating for a 21st century liberal education. She engages in public-facing activities and projects as an active contributor to public scholarship through her work as the most senior columnist for University Affair Magazine, as a keynote speaker at international conferences, and a visiting scholar most recently at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and the university of Oslo.

Dr. Riddell sits on a number of external boards, including as a Board member on the 3M National Executive Council. Dr. Riddell was awarded the 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2015. Jessica has been VP Canada on the Board of ISSoTL (International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) since 2017 and designed and is now Co-coordinator the ISSoTL Fellows program, which welcomed its first cohort of Fellows at ISSOTL 2019.

In all these endeavours she is dedicated to making the academy more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, creating spaces for emerging scholars and amplifying student voices, decolonizing our institutions, advocating for teaching and learning as scholarly endeavors, and arguing for the relevance of the humanities. Dr. Riddell seeks to build communities and ecosystems animated by a generosity of spirit with a focus on mentorship, leadership, and a commitment to support established and emerging learners and scholars in the pursuit of knowledge creation and sharing.

Jessica Riddell, ED of the Maple League. She works closely with students, faculty, staff, administrators and university presidents on quality undergraduate education across the four Maple League institutions, including building capacities for innovative pedagogies, course diversity, student mobility, undergraduate research – and more broadly advocating for a high quality 21st century liberal education. She engages in public-facing activities and projects, including as a senior columnist for University Affair Magazine, as a keynote speaker at international conferences, a visiting scholar (most recently at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and the university of Oslo). Jessica sits on a number of international boards, including the Future Skills Research Advisory Board on Social and Emotional Skills (SES), as VP Canada for the International Society of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, as a member of the 3M National Teaching Fellows Executive Council. Her pedagogical research focuses on experiential learning in the humanities, with a particular focus on authentic learning environments.


Global Advisory Board on Curriculum Innovation

Member of the board, 2020 –

“Do we really have to fail better to fare better? A critical and pedagogical approach to resilience”. University of New Brunswick speakers series

Speaker, November 2020

“Students-as-partners (SaP) and the co-design of COVID classrooms.” Scientia Education Experience: Inspired learning through inspired teaching: Connections series. University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney

Speaker, October 2020

“Narratives of Change in Higher Education in the Time of COVID: Combatting Toxic Positivity with Critical Hope.” Teaching Matters series, Simon Fraser University

Speaker, July 2020

Maple League Host Series

Panelist, July, September, November 2020

"The Future of Higher Education in the light of COVID-19" Globe & Mail

Panelist, May 2020

CBC National News Program Sunday Magazine

Regular panelist

CBC Quebec AM

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