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Daniel Pascoe Aguilar
United States

United States

Associate Provost for Immersive Learning & Career Design

Drew University

Shape If we are experiencing an opportunity for true systemic change, we must jump at the vanguard of our organizational leadership and explore concrete avenues to develop equity across our diversity of community members
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Future Talent Council member since 2020


Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, PhD, MDiv, is passionate about problem-solving and collaborating with students, alumnx, university communities, and organizations about meaningful partnerships and powerful strategies for the development of a new, diverse, interculturally developed, and purposeful generation of leaders for our joint capacity to create a better reality.

Currently, Daniel is associate provost for Immersive Learning & Career Design at Drew University in the New York City larger metropolitan area, where he has the honor of leading LAUNCH, a new approach to undergraduate education designed to facilitate students’ purpose development, career preparation, and their ability to contribute to community/world need solutions. LAUNCH is a transferable skill-based curriculum/co-curriculum that a) guarantees immersive experiences and a b) network of mentors to every student, as well as universal student engagement and scaffolding through c) a required, for-credit LAUNCH-guiding course, d) a working LAUNCH Plan ePortfolio where students record, track, and receive support on their progress, e) 18 LAUNCH Communities that offer physical and virtual networks, opportunities, and resources clustered by key industry or identity groups, and f) an integrated LAUNCH website called Launchpad fed with relevant data from multiple systems into curated, interactive web spaces.

Prior to his tenure at Drew, Daniel served as executive director of Career Services at Ithaca College, director of the University of Oregon Career Center, director of Career Services at Seattle University, director of alumnx career services and associate director of employer relations at the University of North Texas, senior associate director and chair of career courses at Indiana University, director of the crisis center for homeless families of the SF County, and minister in diverse religious organizations in México and the US. Daniel has also been a song writer, a classical pop and oratorio/opera singer, and a recording artist throughout his life, including the publication of 7 albums. He has completed three graduate degrees in the US: a PhD in Educational Systems from Indiana University, a Master of Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary, and an MS in Education from IU, as well as a BA in Industrial Design from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in México.


Global Advisory Board on Diversity & Inclusion

Member of the Board, 2020-

Global Advisory Board on Curriculum Innovation

Guest Participant, 2020

Global Advisory Board on Employer and Education Relationships

Guest Participant, 2020



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