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Video: Adaptive Lifelong Learning Workshop

Future Talent Council Managing Director Daniel Kjellsson recently participated in a workshop on Adaptive Lifelong Learning hosted by Future Talent Council members Virginia Tech and Thanassis Rikakis in Washington D.C. The 2-day workshop was the culmination of months of virtual...

Welcoming Lynn Shotwell, SVP and Head of Global Outreach Operations at SHRM

We are delighted to welcome Lynn Shotwell, SVP and Head of Global Outreach Operations at SHRM, to our Global Advisory Board. SHRM is the largest HR organization in the world and Lynn will be using her vast knowledge and international...

With 1.62 jobs available per applicant, Japanese firms Rakuten and Softbank circumvent traditional hiring

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Investment, not debt, can kick-start an entrepreneurial Europe

We can improve living standards in two ways. One is to raise productivity, something that technologies have been very good at. Another is to create more job opportunities. And the single best way to do so is to support the...

Future of work in the developing world

The jobs agenda is increasingly becoming recognized as a priority within developing economies and the international development community

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Working hours: Past, present, and future

Work hours have been falling in developed countries – but where will they go in the future?

Forecasts of AI and future jobs in 2030: Muddling through likely, with two alternative scenarios

AI will likely accelerate automation and displace routine work, but the world will muddle through the threat of massive unemployment. Study results also suggest alternative scenarios of “growth” and “crisis”