Category: Diversity & Empowerment

Speak out for Talent: Guy Halfteck, Knack

When it comes to cutting edge technology in the talent space Guy Halfteck, the CEO and Founder of Knack, is in the vanguard of the drive to create a truly inclusive approach to employment, where it is potential rather than...

Can technology remove bias from the workplace?

Diversity in the workplace can help foster original ideas. It can help businesses reach out to a wider range of customers. It can even bring about a boost in profit and revenue. Yet, while many businesses understand the value of diversity,...

The future of work requires inclusion

As organisations navigate technological and societal shifts, corporate boards will have a critical role to play. Diversity of thought—and of people—will be more vital than ever to ensure that boards are considering different perspectives and exploring challenges from every angle.

Workplace diversity gets innovative

Yesterday’s workforce won’t lead you into tomorrow. Smart companies reflect that reality in the collective makeup of their employees.