Future Talent Council is a global strategy group focused on understanding and influencing the future of talent and work. We engage the foremost educational, political and business leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

To address the pending global employment issues, Future Talent Council (FTC) was formed in 2017 by Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, the founder of Universum Global and numerous other companies. Future Talent Council is based in Stockholm with offices in Singapore, Sydney and New York.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring together the leaders of higher educational institutions, senior executives of major employers, and governmental officials who are involved in labor matters to collaborate on the critical talent issues that will affect the global economy.

Executive Team

Lars-Henrik Friis Molin
Founding Chairman

Daniel Kjellsson
Managing Director

Emir Cetinel
Head of Operations

Tracy Drye
Strategic Development Director

Caroline Brent
Senior Vice President

John Flato
Senior Vice President

Mohammed Ayoub
Senior Vice President

Sarah Ibrahim
Government Relations Manager

Our history

The Future Talent Council was founded in Spring 2017 by Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, the founder of Universum Global and many other companies. FTC is based in Stockholm with offices in Singapore and New York. We have a small, professional and highly experienced staff  that work to maximize the benefit for all stakeholders via the Future Talent Council and its associated partners and sponsors and through publications and research.

FTC was started to bring together the best minds in the world to share the best ideas and practices and jointly develop new strategies and models for the Future of Talent, Work and Education.

As the world will change dramatically over the next 10 years due to digital transformation, innovation and globalization, we want to build a forum for the discussing best practices and new standards in education, employment and talent assessment.

The council is limited to 300 members on a by-invitation-only basis from the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. Furthermore, there are 700 associate members globally. The founding members are leaders from the world’s best universities and leading global employers.

Areas of activity


Future Talent Council is hosting an exciting variety of Future Talent live events; from topical webinars, seminars and, in the Fall of 2018, the Future Talent Summit, a by-invitation-only event for full members with limited seating at a European location to be determined.

These events are designed to not just talk about topical issues in the world of talent but to make informed steps towards positively impacting that environment for Educators, Employers, Talent and Policymakers. Read more in our Events section.

Global Future Talent Summit

  • By invitation only, primarily for full members.
  • Full day event at a premium venue with keynotes, discussion groups, and workshops, networking sessions.

3 Regional Seminars

  • (Q2-Q4 2018) Full day event including networking.
  • NYC, Paris, and Singapore.
  • FTC members and Associates.

6 Regional Webinars

  • (Q2-Q4 2018)Deep-dives into specific topics from our 8 themes.
  • Open to all members and followers.

All the research done by Future Talent Council team members is publicized in quarterly newsletters and the Future Talent booklet. Read more in our Publications section.

Future Of Talent Booklet

  • Interviews with 100 selected leaders on Top 10 issues and best insights within the development of Talent, Work & Education.
  • A survey among world’s 5000 leading employers, universities and policymakers as well as 30,000 students globally.

Future of Talent Reports

  • GenZ, Employer Branding, the Global Cost of Talent and more.

Future of Talent Newsletters

  • Quarterly, condensing latest reports and progress globally.

The next 10 years will see the world continue to change dramatically with continually shortening change cycle times. The impact on the world of talent in terms of the required speed to adapt is profound.

The Future Talent Council is dedicated to investigating the impacts on the world of talent, focusing on the following eight Workforce Imperatives. Read more in our Research section.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation
  2. Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  3. Diversity/Employing and Empowering Marginalized Populations
  4. Ethics, Transparency, and Sustainability
  5. Flexibility and Work-Life Integration
  6. Global Talent Workforce
  7. Leadership
  8. Learning

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