Curriculum Innovation

Curriculum Innovation is at the heart of the discussion about the future job market. Never before has this discussion been more important.


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Global Advisory Board on Curriculum Innovation

Curriculum Innovation has been a recurring topic of discussion and interest and never have it been more important than now.

More than 30 senior educational leaders are invited to discuss Curriculum Innovation, the heart of the future job market.
The discussion will touch upon but not be limited to the following subjects.
What does the curriculum of the future look like?
Where is credentialing going?
What are employers asking for?
How can future curriculums better support each respective student’s future prospects, in a multi-career professional life?

The discussions will lead to innovating and refreshing the curricula at higher education institutions to be more attuned to the changing skill needs of employers.

Curriculum Innovation
Shape "The FTC Curricular Advisory board is an excellent mix of educational leaders, representing Universities across the world, who are all willing to share their experience of Higher Education (HE). This openness of the members is a real strengthen, enabling the FTC and members of the board to gain clear insight in the current challenges within HE and how this is being addressed from a global perspective"
Gillian Knight

Gillian Knight

Associate Dean for Education, College of Engineering and Physical Science


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