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Employer & Educator Relationships

Employers and Educators need to work in tandem now more than any other point in history. This Deep Dive Think Tank explores the opportunities and challenges with these partnerships.

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Deep Dive Think Tank on Employer and Educator Relationships

Successful relationships and partnerships between educators and employers result in a more effective curriculum, a more qualitative talent funnel, and a better development experience, not to mention better outcomes for students. Yet, globally, experiences are isolated and the global ecosystem has no opportunity for compound learning.
More than 30 senior education and corporate leaders are convening to discuss Employer and Educator Partnerships, two stakeholders most pivotal in the future of work.
Topics covered by this group include:
Employer/Educator Collaboration

It is imperative that we shape the future skills of our workforce and innovating, transforming and supporting an ecosystem like Future Talent Council, will give light to how collaboration between industry, academia and government can shape a bright future

Colette Lacroix

Industry Executive Higher Education and Research

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