AI and robotics in recruitment: Unilever’s Ahmed Babatin and Nicky Clement

During our discussions with global businesses we have encountered a wide range of approaches to the use of AI, automation and robotics in the HR sphere. In this interview with Unilever you can hear how HR is embracing robotics and...

Speak out for Talent: Hans Werner, Swisscom

Caroline Brent, Senior Vice President at the Future Talent Council, recently spoke with Hans C. Werner, Head of Group Human Resources at Swisscom, a leading telecommunications and IT company headquartered near Berne, Switzerland, about his efforts in leading a major...


Thank you for your interest in being a part of the important mission to improve human capability and opportunity around the world. Future Talent Council is a membership-based organization gathering global talent leaders eager to collaborate on a positive agenda...

Speak out for Talent: Peter Vogt, Nestlé S.A.

At the Future Talent Council we believe it is important for C-suite executives, leaders of higher educational institutions and governmental officials to collaborate on the critical talent issues that will affect the global economy and human capital in the workplace....

Investment, not debt, can kick-start an entrepreneurial Europe

We can improve living standards in two ways. One is to raise productivity, something that technologies have been very good at. Another is to create more job opportunities. And the single best way to do so is to support the...

The C-Suite Lacks Confidence in HR Data Analytics. But Why?

It may be a case of “garbage in, garbage out”

AI will change the way you lead. Are you ready?

Will artificial intelligence change the way leaders lead? Yes, and probably in ways that were unthinkable even a few years ago

Accelerating Workforce Reskilling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A World Economic Forum agenda for leaders to shape the future of education, gender and work

How Organizations Will Produce in an Autonomous Future

Can AI-enabled automation replace your company’s entire labor force? In a few cases, it already has

Wanted: High-Tech Help in France

France’s President Emmanuel Macron recently promised to pour $1.8 billion in public funds over the next five years to fund artificial intelligence (AI) efforts in his country. Although the amount falls far short of what private sector companies worldwide are...