Future Talent Summit is designed to offer strategic work sessions on the highest level. Esteemed American weekly newspaper Barron’s, published by Dow Jones & Company, will be facilitating a set of such strategy sessions via Managing Editor of Ideas, Sarah Green Carmichael.

Sarah Green Carmichael

Sarah Green Carmichael

– Technologies like AI are changing the world of work. Human beings are living longer, and working longer. Taken together, these two trends mean each of us will need new skills to stay engaged and employable throughout careers that last perhaps 70 years, says Sarah Green Carmichael.

– Managers will need new strategies for leading us, schools will need new approaches to teaching us, and policymakers will need new architectures for supporting it all. We’re witnessing a massive change to the human lifecycle, and to our ways of working, and it has the potentially to be incredibly disruptive to societies and individuals – or, with a lot of hard work and thoughtful design – incredibly transformative. Only by working together can we ensure it’s the latter, Sarah Green Carmichael continues.

The Future Talent Summit agenda is designed to be the decision maker’s guide to the most impactful technologies of tomorrow, the most pressing policy issues on the horizon and the future frameworks of successful employers, educational providers and societies alike.

Future Talent Summit is designed to offer amplified value by combining top level strategic insights from world-leading experts – and peer-to-peer learning and development. During our strategic sessions acclaimed panelists put technologies, theories and data sets to work while also encouraging your input.

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