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Why the biggest challenge facing AI is an ethical one

Artificial intelligence is touching our lives in ever more ways - it's time for the ethicists to step in

Can technology remove bias from the workplace?

Diversity in the workplace can help foster original ideas. It can help businesses reach out to a wider range of customers. It can even bring about a boost in profit and revenue. Yet, while many businesses understand the value of diversity,...

The future of work requires inclusion

As organisations navigate technological and societal shifts, corporate boards will have a critical role to play. Diversity of thought—and of people—will be more vital than ever to ensure that boards are considering different perspectives and exploring challenges from every angle.

Update on FTC interviews

We interviewed more than 130 thought leaders in the public and private business sectors, higher education and government in the fall of 2017 and the winter of 2018. While our research team continues its analysis, we are excited to provide...

What you can expect as an FTC member

A s an FTC member, you are part of an engaged community of thought leaders who want to positively influence and plan for the future of talent. The FTC community recognizes the global challenges facing the future of talent across...

Workplace diversity gets innovative

Yesterday’s workforce won’t lead you into tomorrow. Smart companies reflect that reality in the collective makeup of their employees.

Webinar: Tectonic Talent

Welcome to this member-exclusive Future Talent Council webinar. We will be having a closer look at the shifting plates influencing future talent demands. This webinar offer an introduction and Executive Summary of our latest research and, all led by our...

Discover our research

The next 10 years will see the world continue to change dramatically. The impact on the world of talent in terms of the required speed to adapt is profound. The Future Talent Council is dedicated to investigating the impacts to...

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